Your State Of Mind Determines Your Peace Of Mind.

Summer Lotus
5 min readNov 27, 2021
By Rosalind Ho at Yamagata, Japan

Every day, there will be issues. Such is life. It is either your own or others and some matters vex the soul. However, on reflection, most situations get resolved, so why the anguish in the first place.

It is our spontaneous reaction to the situation at hand that clouds our thinking and causes us to have a knee-jerk response. Most times, they are not serious issues that only require calm to come up with strategies to overcome. Sometimes, it is a matter of perspective.

Human beings have pride. They rarely like to acknowledge failure, defeat, or fear. When confronted with a difficulty, maybe we should ask the following questions;

1 Is it the end of the world?

2 Will anybody get hurt?

3 Is it urgent?

4 What is the most sensible way to handle it?

5 Who can I discuss with to come up with some ideas?

Staying calm is paramount. Sometimes people may incite us by the way they narrate the situation.

Above all, seek the truth first, don’t panic. As an example, it is not infrequent to hear of some people duped into parting with their money because someone, usually a stranger causes them anxiety by spinning some stories about a family member and demanding money to help…



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