Why Dogs Are So Lovable

Why Dogs Are So Lovable

Are you one?

Summer Lotus
3 min readOct 28, 2020
Rosalind Ho Goldie and Mani

Nothing can turn my head like a dog does – not any handsome man or beautiful woman would make me turn around to have a second look but a dog is something else.

Somehow they always look at me too as if quietly wishing that I am in their lives but it was not in our destiny to be entwined.

In the Chinese horoscope, I was born in the year of the dog but I m sure that has nothing to do with me being a dog lover.

It is the nature of dogs that endears me to them. They are loyal, great companions, and instinctive. Their soulful eyes melt me.

I was walking around my estate one late afternoon when I walked past my neighbor and they were talking at the gate to a couple who had a toddler by their side and a little Maltese at his feet.

So cute! I exclaimed but I was actually referring to the doggie and I think the beaming parents were thinking that I referred to their child.

Every time a dog is being walked past by me, I cannot resist making some kissing sounds much to the pleasure or dismay of the walker. It was meant to be a loving gesture.

Some owners are such good trainers that they were able to make their dog pace or even trot so elegantly. It is a sign of a happy owner, happy dog. I aspire to be a good dog trainer for my next canine.

Over the 40 years, we have quite a few dogs successively—2 Staffordshire bull terriers, a golden retriever, and a Shih Tzu. Each had its own trait. The bull terriers were terrifying to the neighborhood and muzzling them was mandatory when walking them. They were admired for their robustness, a good deterring factor to burglars, and feared for their assumed aggression but actually were gentle like lambs.

The golden retriever was an obedient dog and kind to the kittens. She was fanatical about bread. She had subconsciously trained us to give her bread each time when we come home by enthusiastically wagging a tail, going in circles then headed for the bread container and stay put there, looking at us with earnest eyes. How could one resist her request?

Our Shih Tzu was a needy dog. She wanted company all the time and would sit by watching us while we watched TV. She had chosen as her master my husband even though I was the one who adopted her and provided all her creature comforts. Talking about reinforcing the male supremacy complex! She would station by his side and shadowed him wherever he went.

At any rate, our pets were the source of happiness at home. We are utterly besotted with them and am looking forward to a new addition, obviously, a dog when the house is ready. He or She would have to contend with my Cockatoo and 3 cats, the latter entrenched in the home for 15 years. It would be fascinating to watch how they interact and finally accept each other as family.



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