To Embrace Change, Change Yourself

Summer Lotus
4 min readJan 9, 2022

Stay resolute to be adaptable to change.

By Rosalind Ho (

Is it the pandemic or just a sign of the times? Everything is in flux.

It keeps you running on a treadmill. Life has always been that way, it is just that we were not aware. Think back to your younger days — -you had fears, you did not have certain skills, you did not foresee certain events — but now you have evolved. Because you have changed with the times. Thoughts and surroundings have changed and will continue to do so.

Nothing is permanent except change. Nothing stays status quo except the human mind if it refuses to grow along with changes that are unavoidable. If you remain resolute to stay adaptable and positive, you will roll with the punches of life and find it an exciting journey.

The human body is changing every minute. Cells die, new cells are created, maybe at a slower pace. In my clinic, some patients asked me why did teeth relapse after braces? The teeth and gums and the bone condition are different as we age. As a dentist, we see oral conditions change relative to a patient’s health, habits, and personal care.

Why did teeth move even after braces? That is because inflammation may occur in the mouth resulting in bone loss and reduced tooth stability is just one of the common reasons. How does one deal with this change? The retainer is made to keep the straightened teeth in position. Eventually wearing them half-time could help.

Look at the innumerable products on the shelves today. They have more designs, functions, tastes, etc. Humans are evolving all the time as we are a progressive species. We enjoy a better living standard because there are people who make changes to benefit others.

“Progress is impossible without change and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything” — -George Bernard Shaw

The pandemic is a good case in point. As the virus presents itself in new forms, humans work on various vaccines and ways to defeat it. The pandemic wreaks havoc and countries have imposed restrictions and innovative ways to contain the spread of the virus that has been changing with the infection status.

Work and learning continue as we move online. We digitalize and robotize to carry on improving…



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