An Ode to a furry friend

We took the cue from Starwars when we saw the ears of Yoda. The likeness, the composure, the posture. 16 human years it’s been, a life well-lived. Along with your siblings, you were adopted while a few days old. Ate with gusto and you all grew.

You enjoyed the sun, the wind, and the flowers each day. You left home once, curious, and came back days later, hungry, drenched, and shaken, having tasted the outside world.

Home is still the best place. You are a great companion, no whining, no demands, no destruction. Utter peace within.

You eat when the time comes, disappear when Aries, the noisy Kookatoo disrupts the peace in the house. You came and sat with us again if the TV program is not provoking in sound. You love peace.

Once, you danced around the garden snake and snookered the overturned cockroach with your two siblings. Even growled against an intruding cat in the night. Those were your youth.

There is almost no meowing as there was never a role model from the start. Neighbors did not know we have three furry kittens. So, when the years rolled on, you continued to stay silent and growled only when threatened.

No hospital for you as you do not ache. We know you do not like strangers. No needles, force-feed and fuss over you. No stress and tension. You still ate food with relish though your body is no longer active, the food is still a pleasure.

To pass the days, bathe in the adequate sunshine, smelling the herbs from the garden, and given some gentle massages by those around you, it’s life ultimate blessings.

One day, you decide it’s time. With a twist and a stretch, you drew your last breath, living your loved ones, some teary, some relieved that you had a peaceful exit.

You will remain with us, body and soul, in the best part of the garden. Flowers bloomed above you. May you continue to enjoy eternal peace.

Interested in life, curious about everything. Challenge seeker, die-hard enthusiast. Just trying to get better each day.

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