The Art Of Living

Summer Lotus
2 min readJan 29, 2024

Author at Akarenga, Yokohama

Life is complex even if you want it to be simple

Sometimes you become perplexed even if you like to remain cool

One wants to be simple but life won’t let you

The society changes so does the culture and the environment

With change comes progress, convenience and opportunity

Simplicity may be the ultimate sophistication, they say

But Stay simple and you become unsophisticated

As you fall by the wayside and wonder why

The world passes you by and seems arrogant

Because people are struggling with change themselves

And have no time to stop by to coach you

Change is like a constant stream

These days, it’s more like a torrent of water

But it’s always for the better

Only if people appreciate, understand and accept its challenges

Do not complain why things are getting confusing and complicated

If you would only jump into this river of change

Enjoy the wild ride

Tamper it occasionally by walking onto quiet trails and retreating into yourself

Sniff the flowers and breathe in the crisp, cool and clean air

Look on the bright side and Pray often

Maintain that delicate balance of action and inaction

The world has so much more to offer even as evil happens elsewhere

You are running solo

Experience the path of uncertainties, learn on the go and help others along with you

That’s the fulfilling mission one can have while you walk this earth

In your predestined period of time

The Power of Poetry 💚 Anthology 5.5K+ / Tomorrow’s Manifesto



Summer Lotus

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