Skills I Need To Master To Succeed At Work.

Summer Lotus
4 min readDec 25, 2021

Life can be smooth sailing…


I wake up every day and somehow there are new mountains to climb. You need to get stuff done but your schedule is packed for the day. Once you stepped into the office, you are barraged by a hundred questions from staff. There are some hiccups in the office protocol/schedule that may dismay the customers.

Welcome to life, at home or in the office. Unless you live as a hermit, away from the din of city life, have few friends, and do not interact with most people, you would face less stress but you may also be consumed by boredom. I choose the former because it is not only challenging, it puts my wits to the test and there is a sense of fulfillment when things get done.

What you need are loads of patience, calm, communication, and determination.

Patience because things can be sorted out. Everything takes time as you strategize, leverage on experience, connections and timing.

Calm because the mind is a powerful instrument. It is an abyss of ideas but they are only released when the temperament is good which stills your heart and your knee-jerk reflexes and your negative emotions.

Communication because it is key to the solutions. People are not mind-readers but when there is a clear discourse, there are very few…



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