People Have Different Perspectives

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In the first picture, what do you see?

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The first picture is an optical illusion. I saw a lady's profile immediately. Some people would see a bare tree with branches blowing in a certain direction.

Optical illusions are being studied in psychology. The famous optical illusion that showed a young lady, as well as an old woman, has revealed that those who are 30 years old and younger see the young lady while older people will see the old woman.

This Optical illusion shows the complex nature of human cognition which can be influenced by your age, your bias, your prior knowledge, and beliefs.

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The above picture clearly shows two dogs together. Yet another person sees a black dog in front of a round smiley moon.

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The artist interestingly created a picture of a cat seeing its self-reflection as a lion in the water. It carries a very important point for human beings. What you see yourself is what you are, at least psychologically. It's your self-image.

I am not going to expound on this research in illusions created for the study of the human brain by psychologists.

My simple conclusion is; These images disclose that people have different perspectives in life. Not everyone can see eye to eye. Something may not be good or bad but you have to decide for yourself.

There are three ways to use perspectives.

1 Don’t be swayed by a fixed or normal perspective.

As an example, people do not expect you as a senior to engage in active activities. As you grow older, you are expected to be slower and more sedentary. But You think otherwise.

Since we know about different perspectives, we can say that the minds of your opponents may have…

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