How I Try To Achieve Inner Peace And Happiness

Summer Lotus
3 min readJul 10, 2022
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A story goes like this;

There was a young monk who could not keep still during his meditation.

During each session, he was disturbed by the spectre of a spider crawling in front of him .

The young monk told his master that he could not chase the spider away. His master then suggested that during each session, he was circle the spider with his pen to see where it was exactly.

The young monk did as told and he felt relaxed after that. But when he opened his eyes later, he found that he had circled his own belly.

The master told him, “Young man, you need to have a quiet mind and heart. Only in this way, you can stay detached from the rest of the happenings and enjoy your life in peace.

I am much like the young monk except that my spider will be running berserk and I cannot circle it.

To quiet my mind, I would like to. mention three ways that have helped me enter a peaceful realm and I hope they are useful to you too.

1 The magic of listening to music.

It’s only recent that I find. classical and. instrumental music contributes much to my general well being and mood. Guess I have been caught up with life.

On research, classical music has a calming effect that releases dopamine, the feel good hormones that clarifies thinking, reduces cortisol and. blood pressure.

This Mozart effect has instilled general calm to everyone in my work place. I tried it on my active puppy who would literally roll over and snooze in a matter of minutes.

2 The magic of staying positive

I try to read something positive every day.

Every day we are bombarded with bad news – now the world has a climate crisis, war crisis, financial crisis, food crisis, oil crisis, migrant crisis, etc

What can one really do?

Choose to switch your focus to more positive news.

I do my part to alleviate any situation like pray, reduce waste, give away my excess stuff and note that steps are being taken globally to solve existing problems.

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