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I found that in a seemingly mild activity…..

Summer Lotus


From Rosalind Ho ( Canva.com)

I turned 64 in January this year and the song “When I am sixty-four” by the Beatles rang in my mind. I looked around and find that a handful of friends have already retired or preparing to do so.

Used to be, 64 means ‘retirement’. It means ‘slow down. It means ‘Just relax’. Not in today’s world. 64 is the time of enlightenment, wisdom, and golden opportunity.

Do I want to retire? Not really as I do love my job. But there are so many interesting activities to explore and I would need a good balance to have my cake and eat it too. As I continue in my quest to hand the baton to my younger colleagues to free up some time for myself, I found that it was quite liberating. Indeed, life is so interesting in today’s world and I have been caught up in my routine for a long time.

My first new activity was to join a line-dancing community group near my home in October 2021. Near my home, in a courtyard, I have noticed that the line dancing mates are always gathered around 7 pm on most weekday evenings. There was a maximum of 25 people allowed due to the Covid-19 restrictions, and everyone is socially distanced and masked.

As the music was played, the dance mates, mostly in the 60s range but some in their late 30s, would move as a unit, generally smooth and soothing in their ways. I thought it would be too slow for me as I am rather impatient.

One evening, I found a slot available and joined in. They were welcoming. The instructor would always rehearse the steps sometimes in phases depending on which ‘wall’ we face. The music played and the participants were good! They moved in step and rhythm with the songs, some of which seemed tricky to me.

I conceded that I felt like a spoiled sport, unable to remember the instructions and often turned to the wrong directions and was totally out of step, even tripping all over myself. Fortunately, I have a thick hide and the propensity to forgive myself plus the determination to pursue anything that I want to learn.

I learned that success in line-dancing lies in knowing the basic steps and having frequent practices, especially at home. It is first essential to know that the dance steps are all unique and…



Summer Lotus

Translated from my Chinese name. Interested in life, curious about everything. Challenge seeker, die-hard enthusiast, dental surgeon, ardent Toastmaster.