Every Day Can Be A Good Day

Every Day Can Be A Good Day

The answer is with you.

By Rosalind Ho on Canva

They say that poverty sucks; when there is no money for travels, children’s education, car mortgages, and house payments as well as good relationships with others. It is further aggravated when one has no one who is wealthy and powerful to look to for help.

Yet, there are people who have everything and yet feels that every day sucks.

A story goes like this;

There was a businessman who came into the city to look for a wise old man who was renowned for his wisdom. He asked the old man, “ Sir, I need your counsel. Though I am wealthy I don’t seem to receive good treatment wherever I go. Life is quite a series of battles. When will my days become good days?”

The wise old man replied, “You have to stop your battles then your good days will come! To this advice, the businessman was puzzled and was none the wiser. He left in disappointment.

A few months later, his mood became worse. He quarreled with everyone and hurled abuses at them.

Having made many enemies, he became drained of his energy after a year and stopped having disputes with others.

The businessman looked up the wise old man again. He said, “ Sir, I have stopped fighting others but I still feel a heavy load on my shoulders. When will the good day come?”

“Offload your burden then and your good days will come,” came the reply.

The businessman left in a fit of anger.

In the days ahead, he encountered business setbacks and lost his wealth. His family disintegrated and he became dirt poor.

Once again, he went to the old man and pleaded, “Sir, I am in abject poverty now and my life is filled with misery.” He awaited the response from the old man.

“Just don’t be miserable and your good days will come!” came the reply.

The businessman knew his answer even before the old man uttered his words. Dejected, he walked away, wallowing in great sorrow for many months.

One day, when the businessman ran out of tears, he looked up and saw the illumination of the glorious sun.

Finally, he went back to the wise old man and asked, “Sir, what is life about? When will the good days come?”

The old man smiled and replied, “ Don’t you see the magnificent sun and the brand new day when you wake up each day? That is a good day!”

To have a good day is extremely simple. Good days are related not only to material possessions but to the calm mind and spirit.

Where does this spirit come from? It comes from reading, from wisdom, from silence, from love, from relaxation.

It also comes from no agitation, no vanity, and no greed.

In addition, peace of mind comes from cherishing your time, respecting others, and protecting your health.

Only when your spirit or mind is fulfilled, you will have a good day.

Interested in life, curious about everything. Challenge seeker, die-hard enthusiast. Just trying to get better each day.

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