Don’t Live In Somebody’s World

Summer Lotus
Apr 17, 2022


By Rosalind Ho (

Don’t live in Someone’s world

We were meant to be

alone and free

Live life with few regrets

In the end, everyone forgets

The troubles, difficulty, and strife

They meant to make us feel alive

They make us strong, steady, and sane

Everyday events would wax and wane

They could give you gain or pain

Regardless, each day shines bright

If you would only focus on the light

of possibility, positivity, and potential

Don't live in Someone's world

whose thoughts bring no pity

To a matter that has a remedy

It does not matter whatever and however you try.



Summer Lotus

My Chinese name. Inspired by mundane events to write to become more self aware. Challenge seeker, lover of sports, dental surgeon, ardent Toastmaster.