Christmas in Singapore 2020

Christmas In Singapore 2020

It has been a challenging year in Singapore.

Raffles Hotel by Rosalind Ho

Thankfully, the general public has been co-operative in Singapore by sticking to the rules of ‘wash hands frequently, wear masks, safe-distancing and stay home if necessary’ rules and have been able to prevent a resurgence of the Covid-19 crisis. Enforcement of the laws has been very successful.

The Government has also done its best to ‘save jobs, support workers, and protect the businesses’ with its massive budget and continues to monitor the situation to prevent further disruption by the spread of infection. Despite the retrenchment of workers, poor business suffered by some sectors, and general malaise, everything comes alive for Christmas to remind us that we must remain upbeat.

Though it was a grim year, Singaporeans did not let that put a damper on the festive Christmas mood. Walk around and we will see — love, hope, and faith!

Orchard road is always lighted up, Covid or not. It attests to our spirits which we will always keep high to overcome any adversities. It is still the most exciting street in Singapore during Christmas with its iconic festive lights, bustling malls(safe measures taken of course), irresistible deals, and innumerable alluring shops.

Meanwhile, step out of this famous street and be amazed by a myriad of themes and displays elsewhere. Singaporeans are a positive lot. We will enjoy Christmas and look forward to a better year in 2021.

It is a true celebration of the human spirit.

At Chjmes by Rosalind Ho

At Chjmes, formerly a girls’ school and now a place of fine restaurants and exquisite shops, Covid has inspired some indoor decorations that allow customers to enjoy their meals limited to 5 people per group. Soon, in phase 3, it may be increased to 8 people.

Orchard Road is bursting with the colors of the season. Despite Covid, tourists were seen milling around, taking pictures of all the displays.

The festive lights of Orchard Road by Rosalind Ho

A rainy Xmas night bathed in the beauty of the lights.

pictures taken from the car dashboard as the wet season continued. By Rosalind Ho

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