Ah! Back In Tokyo!

Summer Lotus
Jan 23, 2024
Author at a flower shop and truffle bakery in Tokyo

The soothing sounds of the rumbling trains

The waft of of freshly baked bread

The sight of people moving briskly through the streets

The delectable taste of food prepared with love and care

It’s the verve and vitality of Tokyo metropolis

That fuels my spirit, senses and soul

Tokyo throbs like no other city does

She invigorates me like no other city does

Tokyo is art; her creativity captivates me

Tokyo is culture; her tradition impresses me

Tokyo is beauty; her sceneries stun me

Tokyo is science; her boundless innovations and architecture astounds me

Back in Tokyo

For rejuvenation, revitalisation and renewal

Back in Tokyo

When one needs to move ahead again with purpose, panache and passion

Ah Tokyo, the cradle of my comfort

The Power of Poetry 💚 Anthology 5.5K+ / Tomorrow’s Manifesto



Summer Lotus

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