What I did to change their belief about the fear of losing face.

By Rosalind Ho (Canva.com)

If you are familiar with Chinese culture, the concept of ‘face’ is very important. In particular, to a Chinese, a situation can be described as having ‘lost face’ if he or she faces embarrassment in social intercourse. When what he does or says raises eyebrows or seemingly so.

Among Asians…

Feel bored and out of ideas for your writing?

Get out of the home and explore. Look for a place that you have not been to for some time, look up an old friend and find out how he or she is keeping, visit a mall or a new cafe.

You will be surprised at how fluid things have…

How the Digital Scanner Improves My Dental Practice

A Useful Digital Dental Tool Especially In A Pandemic

By Rosalind Ho (Canva.com)

From traditional impressions to digital impressions of teeth, the clinic has decided to step up further with digital technology.

Digital impressions are also known as 3D intraoral scanning and it is the latest technology in capturing a replica of the mouth.

A traditional impression involves the use of alginate material…

My pet is now in Heaven

Young Yoda by Rosalind Ho

Over the years, we had pets — dogs, cats, birds, and fishes, who came and were gone.

Whether it was due to age, illness, or injury, it was always the same ending — our beloved pet passed on in the animal hospital alone or it was put down.

For the…

How To Engage The Audience And Succeed In Your Presentation

The Toastmasters’ way is the tested way…

By Rosalind Ho (Canva.com)

The art of excellent communication is so intricate. Some speakers would bowl us over with their speeches, some would bore us to tears.

When we watch a champion speaker speak, we become totally enthralled by his or her performance. We see this on Toastmasters Speech Contests, Ted programs, and among…

Why Toastmasters Offer Great Opportunities For Success

Speaking as a Toastmaster member of more than 35 years…..

By Rosalind Ho (Canva.com)

Why are you so busy? Why are some people burning both ends of the candle and filling every waking hour with some activity or another? You can say that they are looking for opportunities to better themselves and prove their worth.

I think that many are not looking in the…

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