Summer Lotus

By Rosalind Ho (

Don’t live in Someone’s world

We were meant to be

alone and free

Live life with few regrets

In the end, everyone forgets

The troubles, difficulty, and strife

They meant to make us feel alive

They make us strong, steady, and sane

Everyday events would wax and wane

They could…



Uncover the latent talent in yourself…

Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

220 written stories I have reached

A barrier I thought I could not breach

Looking back, it took patience and grit

As well as faith and self-belief indeed.

The first step was my stumbling block

Almost impossible, I recalled

I would retreat for a…



Photo By Rosalind Ho on Crystal, the happy puppy

Those black, shimmering eyes

They speak volumes to me

Of trust, care, and love

Innocence personified

God’s greatest gift to man

Your body feels warm and soft

Your heart pounds rapidly

Faster than the ticking clock

We both have one wish

To see both of us together all the time…



By Rosalind Ho (

It was a beautiful day

As I drove up the alleyway

A man with two kids and a mutt at the roadside

Intended to cross to the other side

He suddenly reined them in, startled and stunned

I was equally stumped

By what he thought was my haste

But the…



Photo by Kyle Glenn on Unsplash

It has power

It heals

It hurts

It destroys

It maims

It soothes

It enlightens

It inspires

It is the words we use, the phrases we utter

Use them wisely

They rarely can be retracted or forgotten easily

Three words may lessen the hurt

They are “I am sorry”




Photo by Kevin Grieve on Unsplash

Time is relentless

Like the swaying branches that couldn’t still

As the winds would not cease to blow

Time is continuous

Like. the flowing river that ends in the sea

As dictated by gravity

Time is everlasting

Like the sunrise and sunset

As Mother Earth dances around the sun




Summer Lotus

Summer Lotus

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