Summer Lotus


By Rosalind Ho (

Don’t live in Someone’s world

We were meant to be

alone and free

Live life with few regrets

In the end, everyone forgets

The troubles, difficulty, and strife

They meant to make us feel alive

They make us strong, steady, and sane

Everyday events would wax and wane

They could…



By Rosalind Ho using

Solitude, Sweet solitude

In this state, I have developed the fortitude

To dream, create, and inspire

From a flame to a burning desire

Watching the swaying willow tree

Did set my imagination free

Solitude was felt in the depths of the blue

Cruising through the water calm and cool




Summer Lotus

Summer Lotus

Translated from my Chinese name. Interested in life, curious about everything. Challenge seeker, die-hard enthusiast, dental surgeon, ardent Toastmaster.