Stay resolute to be adaptable to change.

By Rosalind Ho (

Is it the pandemic or just a sign of the times? Everything is in flux.

It keeps you running on a treadmill. Life has always been that way, it is just that we were not aware. Think back to your younger days —…

What I did to change their belief about the fear of losing face.

By Rosalind Ho (

If you are familiar with Chinese culture, the concept of ‘face’ is very important. In particular, to a Chinese, a situation can be described as having ‘lost face’ if he or she faces embarrassment in social intercourse. When what he does or says raises eyebrows or seemingly so.

Among Asians…

Summer Lotus

Interested in life, curious about everything. Challenge seeker, die-hard enthusiast, dental surgeon, ardent Toastmaster. Just trying to get better each day.

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