Never assume that they are helpless

It’s the second day of the Lunar New Year. I decided to tag along with my sister-in-law, Terry who does regular visitations to the homes of elderly people who live alone.

I brought along some oranges, a red packet, and some biscuits and crackers. It was my first time meeting Mdm Tan and I wanted to find out more about her story.

Mdm Bio is 93 years of age and lives in a rented flat, heavily subsidized by the government in the eastern part of Singapore.

(The Singapore Govt has devised a very supportive plan for those who have no…

One of the most important survival skills in life

Geoge Lucas, the famous film director of Star Wars said, “Always remember – your focus determines your reality .”

Why we must focus on the positive.

1 Life will throw a lot of obstacles at you. Some are disguised as opportunities. Being negative would only make you think about problems. Staying positive makes you take action.

2 Research and studies have shown that the human mind tends to be affected by negative thoughts and hold on to them longer. I think that our minds naturally gravitate towards negativity which may be due to self-preservation.

We have to work hard to…

“You Absolutely Shouldn’t Start a Side Hustle” by a top. Medium writer.

Not discouraging as you think…

I have read “You Absolutely Shouldn’t Start a Side Hustle” by Zulie Rane and thanked her for sharing so ingeniously and ingenuously. There were many points of view which I agree wholeheartedly.

While I agree that a side hustle is not easy to embark on, I would still work at it but on the premise that I would hold on to my stable, main job.

To me, a side hustle is an extra source of income, preferably something different from one’s main job such as writing which brings immense joy and benefits.

My point however is; Do it anyway. Even…

Be A Toastmaster and Improve Your Communication Skills!

The proven way to excel and achieve personal happiness

We need the courage to live. Life is not straightforward. I remember all the times when I was cowered by fear. However, it’s all my perception.

Fear to fight back. Fear to face the consequences even when wronged. Fear to put things right and be justified. Fear to inspire others to have courage through one’s challenges.

One of my first fears was public speaking. Being pathologically shy and introverted had caused me to miss many opportunities in life.

I missed the meeting and interacting with inspiring people because of the lack of the art of conversation. …

I will always remember where I was when people talked about the day Elvis Presley died.

It was August 16, 1997. I was a flight crew with SQ then. It was early morning when I heard wailing outside my room of The Old Melbourne Hotel in Melbourne, Australia.

I opened the door to find the chambermaids gathered outside my room sobbing hysterically. It was unbelievable that Elvis, the King of Rock and Roll had died.

At 19, I had seen Elvis briefly on TV and glimpses of the screaming audiences. The voice and the songs of the handsome singer were…

Keep Looking Up!

Pandemic gave many of us unexpected opportunities to become better people.

When you are unhappy about events caused by the pandemic, don't panic and don’t gripe. Do something positive with your life every day. Things will pan out accordingly and may be out of our control but at least we could alleviate them.

We need to be more productive and proactive when dealing with events in our lives. The pandemic has resulted in much distress and despair as we go about our lives overcoming unexpected obstacles at work and at home.

It is all a matter of perspective. When something is halted, we go around it. We attempt solutions we never…

Why You Must Taste “The Hakka Abacus Seeds” Dish

Know its origin, significance, recipe, secrets of the dish, cooking method, benefits, and taste.


The “Hakka Abacus Seeds” Dish is a delicious and healthy yam (taro) dish. It is a traditional dish of the Hakka tribe in Dapu County, Guangdong province, celebrated and cheered by those who have sampled it.

It can be traced back to the Song Dynasty in ancient China made by rubbing taro and flour into the shape of abacus seeds. The abacus is smooth with a chewy texture and is fried with minced meat, shiitake mushrooms, carrots, and other favorite vegetables. The abacus can be used as a staple food or a delicious snack.

Why is it called the…

Great Values My Parents Taught Me

These values stood me in good stead in hard times

The world has changed. Maybe it is because people have gotten smarter, too smart for their own good. They know their rights, they want their rights and they assert their rights.

It is a common scenario these days; People do what they want to do even when they know it is wrong. Young people rebel and the age is getting earlier. A young child is given choices as to what food to eat even before he could read and refused the food he deemed not tasty enough.

Back in the sixties, the school, the police, parents, and the institutions are…

Explore the following ways

It’s a kind of dry season for me. After hitting over one hundred articles with not much readership, it seems to get harder.

Writing is a craft that takes years to develop and I am glad to discover this passion. Improvement is gradual but encouraging to the self-esteem.

After a hiatus of two weeks, I am back to the following ways to harvest ideas.

1 From my past experiences, ideas sprang from reading other authors’ works which triggered my thoughts and personal events.

Even if the title is similar, our life experiences are different so I could write from my…

Summer Lotus

Interested in life, curious about everything. Challenge seeker, die-hard enthusiast, dental surgeon, ardent Toastmaster. Just trying to get better each day.

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