6 Steps To Change My Life For Good

Summer Lotus
2 min readOct 25, 2023
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A person without a direction is like a ship without a rudder; One simply revolves on the spot while finding his way.

There are 6 key steps to effect a remarkable change.

1 Never stop learning.. The job that you think is an iron rice bowl can still be broken. Your ability cannot.

Continue to expand on your ability, knowledge and outlook. This will upskill yourself to meet up with the demands of the everchanging world.

Continue to imbibe knowledge whether financial, societal, philosophical, etc as. it brings one to a higher intellectual level of thought to understand the underlying logic of life .

2 Be simple – This is a panacea for the perplexed heart. Sometimes letting go is an absolute skill to have when there is a deluge of goods or information even social events .

Less on materialism, less on fame and fortune, less on desires. All are not easy to do.

But Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and the way to clarity of thought.

3 Develop a skill

Best way to be respected and accepted is to be good in at least one thing.

As you pursue your passionate field or interest, you become unique and almost often irreplaceable, job wise.

And closer to the pink of perfection which grants immense satisfaction.

4 Build tolerance – Those who live well do so not because they are not beset with problems, it’s that they are encompassing, peaceful, contented and grateful.

Choosing a good state of mind is a choice.

Things become less troubling and one becomes less complaining.

At your lowest point, you are able to accept and adapt. At your peak, you preserve your principles.

5 Do what you dislike – often it’s something challenging but useful. The advice given is; Bite the bullet and do it!

Many good things are done out of helplessness and the result is unimaginable success.

Do what you dislike or scares you first. You may discover new potential.

6 Enable yourself to more choices to cope with life’s vicissitudes.

Explore alternative approach to a potential problem.

Like cut your nails with your left hand as well so that you can use your left one when the right hand is hurt.

In other words, use both hands and be prepared. If one method fails, you still have another.


Change will always be there and become more seemingly insurmountable. But people can cope if they would adopt some of these strategies mentioned and move in tandem with change.



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